Inception: Celluloid Catataxis

Just finished watching Inception. I loved it. It reminds me of the first time I saw the Matrix. I had no idea what the movie was about – I just walked in off the street and saw it. I was completely blown away. The ad campaign had just been “What is the Matrix?”. It was the ‘not knowing in advance’ that made the impact much greater. Its almost impossible to have an experience like that these days, since everything is trailed so far ahead of time.

It was almost like that with Inception. They had done a pretty good job of keeping the plot under wraps. But I had seen the two most impressive visual scenes already in the trailer – ‘Paris bends back on itself’ and the ‘floating in the hotel corridor’. The latter is an example of Catataxis… plot spoiler alert …the bodies are floating in the corridor scene ┬ábecause they are being influenced by the reality one level below. So this is a beautiful, balletic visual representation of level confusion. Celluloid Catataxis!

To see a really cool explanation of the movie Inception and a visual guide to its levels see this link